CHIETOWA TOKYO is very much honored to offer our beautiful Crane key chain & charm for the VIP gift bags for The American Pavilion at Cannes International Film Festival from May 14 to May 25, 2019 in France.


Established in June, 2017, CHIETOWA TOKYO LLC is a  startup company based in Tokyo, Japan. 

Our aim is to bridge Japan and the world through our products which have been carefully designed to embed traditional Japanese beauty into an easy-to-use, lightweight purse and stationery. 

CHIETOWA TOKYO's symbolic design is that of a flying crane,

a lucky charm. 


The crane products were designed with our sincere wishes that your days will be filled with hopes like those of cranes flapping their wings to the world. 

The Sakura products offer you an essence of Japan's beautiful spring to remind you that the season is one of the best timing for you to travel to Japan.